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    23 Instagrams To Follow To Travel The World In 2014

    Warning: may cause wanderlust.

    1. @alexstrohl

    Based out of Vancouver, Alex's images of landscapes are crisp and beautiful.

    2. @wattsabi

    Wattsabi is constantly traveling but it's the detailed photos on their feed that are a true gem.

    3. @thedavidkeller

    David Keller is a photographer, videographer and a creative engineer. He uses his Instagram to show the beautiful world around him in Brooklyn, NY.

    4. @jaredchambers

    Jared Chambers is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles, CA but often wanders.

    5. @michaeljspear

    Michael Spear shows us an area of our country that often goes unseen, the wild wilderness of Alaska.

    6. @redblueox

    Troy Carpenter is a father of three based out of Indiana. He takes photos of both his surroundings in his city and his adorable children.

    7. @jethromullen

    Jethro is a CNN photographer that is based in Hong Kong.

    8. @dearleila

    Leila Peterson is a talent photographer based out of London, England.

    9. @thiswildidea

    If you aren't already following Theron Humphrey's adorable Instagram you should now. He lives in Idaho but travels the country with his adorable coonhound, Maddie.

    10. @hellopoe

    Adrienne is a photographer & art director based in New Zealand.

    11. @patrickkolts

    Originally from Iowa, Patrick now lives in Brooklyn. While his bio says that he finds the former better, his Instagram shows the beauty found in the New York borough.

    12. @parisinfourmonths

    Carin Olsson moved from Sweden to Paris to follow her dreams of exploring the city she loved but knew very little about. After four months of living there she couldn't let go and decided to stay. We're lucky she did.

    13. @palila

    Palilia's Instagram bio reads "part ocean »« pure adventure" and that is exactly what you'll get from their feed.

    14. @anne_parker

    Anne (pronounced Annie) is a food and prop stylist based in Portland, Oregon. But her Instagram is light on the food photos and heavy on photos of her travels.

    15. @fursty

    Dylan Furst is a truly unique photographer living in the Pacific Northwest but his travels produce some of his most stunning work.

    16. @mattiastyllander

    Mattias' photos are truly unique. The colorful details will jump right out of your iPhone.

    17. @ourwildabandon

    Canada based Jill and Kyla are currently on a trip anywhere and everywhere and they're taking us with them.

    18. @dwellstudio

    Christiane Lemieux is the founder and creative director of Dwellstudio, a modern furniture and home decor shop in NYC.. She also never sits still which makes her Instagram a global affair.

    19. @billyjackbrawner3

    Billy Jack Brawner III has a classic Texas look to his photos and it is just beautiful.

    20. @mattjnovak

    The art director at West Elm, Matt lives in NYC. However, his photos seem to be location-less.

    21. @serjios

    Serjios' Instagram bio says "it is not about what you see but how you see it" and that perfectly captures what his feed features: beautiful details of his surroundings.

    22. @seanryanpierce

    Sean is a constant wanderer and takes his followers along with him.

    23. @mariannehope

    Marianne is a Norwegian photographer based in Holland. Follow her for a little taste of Europe in your feed.