These Pins Are The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Bookworm

    Wearing your fav on your sleeve.

    Shopping when you're a book lover can be stressful.

    But lucky for us, Ideal Bookshelf, an online portal for Jane Mount's beautiful book drawings, is here to help us out.

    Because they now have book pins. I repeat, they have PINS OF BOOKS.

    Whether you're looking to keep your heart on your sleeve.

    Or trying to find something for a #TBT obsessive.

    They have something short and sweet for the sous-chef in your life.

    And a little friend for the ultimate romantic.

    They even have a trip back to high school English class.

    A little bit of Harry Potter magic...

    And many more options to show your favs loudly and proudly.

    Pick up some pins at Ideal Bookshelf on Etsy!