24 Perfect Suits That Owned The Red Carpet This Year

    Sometimes the best dress is actually a suit.

    1. Chris Pratt making Leslie Knope proud at The Oscars.

    2. Eddie Redmayne rocking navy and a freakin' Oscar at The Oscars

    3. David Beckham's flawlessness at the BAFTAs.

    4. Anna Kendrick's daring look at the Grammys.

    5. Robert Pattinson shutting it down at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

    6. Basically everything Janelle Monae wears, but particularly her pre-Grammy attire.

    7. Matthew Beard's skinny fit at the SAG Awards.

    8. Emma Stone's beautiful half suit at the SAG Awards.

    9. Tim McGraw being a low-key hottie at The Oscars

    10. Lenny Kravitz's DILF status at the SAG Awards.

    11. Jake Gyllenhaal's beautiful bow tie at The Golden Globes.

    12. Tina Fey's sequined look at the Golden Globes.

    13. Matt Bomer's classic midnight blue at the Golden Globes.

    14. Donald Glover's classy tux at the Grammys.

    15. Adam Levine holding it down at The Oscars.

    16. Naomi Watts simple suit at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

    17. James Norton's daring plaid at the BAFTAs.

    18. Lorde's crop top at the Golden Globes.

    19. Eddie Redmayne's velvet masterpiece at the Golden Globes.

    20. Julia Roberts' sassy jumpsuit at the SAG Awards.

    21. What Jennifer Aniston wore around her body chain at the Critics' Choice Awards.

    22. Leslie Mann slaying at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

    23. Jamie Dornan's mega-bow tie at the Golden Globes.

    24. Common looking smooth in velvet at the Oscars