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    21 Space Tattoos To Totally Geek Out Over

    Wearing the whole galaxy on your sleeve.

    1. This perfect supernova.

    2. This boy who made the galaxy.

    3. This cat who is ready for takeoff.

    4. This little peek-a-boo.

    5. This geometric blast.

    6. These blue hills.

    7. This astronaut surveying his home.

    8. This tiny observatory, looking at big things.

    9. This door to the unknown.

    10. This perfect moon.

    11. This free-faller.

    12. This bunny who has the whole galaxy within him.

    13. These two who are so close but so far.

    14. This astronaut just taking a little break.

    15. This ode to Apollo 11.

    16. This guy all on his own.

    17. This reminder that there's something out there.

    18. This ice cream that should exist, tbh.

    19. This truther who is in it for the long haul.

    20. This ode to the sea and the stars.

    21. And this moon that is really just a damn showoff.

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