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21 Space Tattoos To Totally Geek Out Over

Wearing the whole galaxy on your sleeve.

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2. This boy who made the galaxy.

Instagram: @_dr_woo_

3. This cat who is ready for takeoff.

Instagram: @_dr_woo_

8. This tiny observatory, looking at big things.

Instagram: @octeeltattoo

12. This bunny who has the whole galaxy within him.

Instagram: @punpungood

13. These two who are so close but so far.

Instagram: @evakrbdk

14. This astronaut just taking a little break.

Instagram: @thedavidcote

17. This reminder that there's something out there.

Instagram: @aknowi

18. This ice cream that should exist, tbh.

Instagram: @balazsbercsenyi

19. This truther who is in it for the long haul.

Instagram: @inkandwheels

20. This ode to the sea and the stars.

Instagram: @bendoukakistattoo

21. And this moon that is really just a damn showoff.

Instagram: @tattooist_doy

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