People On Instagram Are Making "Smoothie Stacks" And They're Weirdly Beautiful

    A hot new type of food stack.

    So, there's a THING happening on Instagram...

    We already know that the vegan and vegetarian crew on Instagram is obsessed with colorful food and drinks.

    But then shit started to ~evolve~. First was the smoothie bowl.

    But now we've hit a new frontier on the Great Smoothie Event of the 21st century: smoothie layering. (Or as many call them, SMOOTHIE STACKS.)

    There are a few different types of stacks. For example, some people put fruit in the middle:

    There's the ombre option:

    A hippie swirl*:

    And of course there's just the classic stack:

    Got all that? So now you can go grab some random fruit and drop your normal smoothie in the trash.

    It's all fancy-ass smoothies from here on out, apparently.