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14 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Need A Beach Fix

It's just like being at the beach but without the sand in your bathing suit.

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Photo by Instagram: @slatertrout / Design by Mackenzie Kruvant / BuzzFeed

1. Jonathan Nafarrete, @jonathan360

Whenever you scroll by a photo on Jonathan's Instagram it's like a splash of sunshine hits you in the face. He captures the California spirit and leaves it right there in your feed.

2. Ha'a Keaulana, @haakeaulana

Ha’a Keaulana is only 19 but you'd never know from her artistic eye. Born and raised in Hawaii, her Instagram captures the Aloha spirit.

3. Matt Bauer, @mattcbauer

Matt Bauer is a "visual consultant" and when you see his Instagram you'll be like, yeah duh. If you could roll the California sunlight into a ball and then put it in a camera and then blow it up, his feed is what you'd get.

4. Clark Little, @clarklittle

Clark Little is a professional photographer specializing in photos of the ocean. His work has been seen all over the world and with his Instagram you can keep a little bit of it in your pocket.

5. NOAA Fisheries, @noaafisheries

The fishermen who work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration go into the deep to help conserve and create sustainable living marine resources so that there are healthy oceans for us to explore. If you'd like a daily dose of the big blue but, like most of us, aren't able to explore yourself, let their Instagram take you with them.

6. Todd Glaser, @toddglaser

Todd Glaser is a staff photographer for SURFER magazine for years now but it's his personal instagram that really shines. He's in the middle of a black and white photo challenge and is showing a really unique view of the ocean.

7. Slater Trout, @slatertrout

Slater is a professional paddle-boarder. I know, right? Pretty wild. Based on his Instagram it looks like he spend about 85 - 90% of his time in the water. Lately he's taken to bringing a camera along for some amazing first person photography in the middle of some of the crazy waves off the coast of California. Bonus: he's befriended a shark that he takes photos of. It's terrifying. Double bonus: abs

8. Alex Smith, @alexsmith_

It's rare for a pair of brothers to dominate surfing, but Alex Smith and his brother Kao are making a strong run for it. Luckily Alex is bringing us along for the ride using their blog and Instagram.

9. Pete Halvorsen, @petehalvorsen

Pete is a travel photographer who lives in Manhattan Beach in California. That means that when he's not traveling, he wakes up next to the beach. Every single day. Which means that if you follow him on Instagram, so do you.

10. Corey Wilson, @coreywilson

Corey lives the sweet life: he travels the world to exotic locations to ride waves and photograph models and surfers. Follow his instagram to check out some pictures before they end up on the cover of SURFING magazine.

11. Amber Mozo, @ambermozo

After her father passed, Amber picked up his camera and took it out to sea. Since then she's put together an amazing collection of ocean photography from her home state of Hawaii.

12. John Respondek, @johnrespondek

John lives and breathes surfing so he decided to dedicate his life to capturing the ocean in all it's beauty. Join him while he travels the world and photographs some of the most successful surfers in the game.

13. U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, @noaa

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is probably not always on your radar but their Instagram account should be. Filled with facts about the ocean and photos taken by scientists during their deep dives. It's a great way to keep sea creatures in your pocket.

14. Mark Healey, @donkeyshow

Mark Healey has long been an important staple in the surf world. When he was 14 years old he took on a 40-footer at Waimea Bay, Hawaii and nothing has been the same since. Now over 30, Mark has made surfing big waves his life and wants to show you exactly what that means to him.

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