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People Are Mixing Paint On Instagram And It Is Insanely Calming

Turns out watching paint be mixed can also put you to sleep.

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Are you ready for the most weirdly soothing thing ever? Well, artist Sara Molcan is here for you with these videos of herself mixing paint.

Instagram: @sarajmolcan

Sara isn't the only artist mixing paint on Instagram. Many accounts have sprung up, quickly picking up tens of thousands of followers.

@sarajmolcan / Instagram

And really, who can blame them? It's weirdly the most satisfying thing ever.

Instagram: @sarajmolcan

It's basically impossible to look away.

Instagram: @sarajmolcan

There's something about ~the scrape~ that feels right, ya know?

@sarajmolcan / Instagram

Be right back, *watches videos until I fall asleep*...

@sarajmolcan / Instagram

Bonus! This other totally insanely hypnotic paint video that is not mixing paint but is so good.

Instagram: @vasari_oil_paint

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