Lady Gaga Shows How Much She Loves Her Fans By Wearing An Outfit Made From Their Gifts

Upgrade from the meat dress?

1. The other night Lady Gaga wore this number in Tokyo.

REX USA / Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex

2. It was pretty intense.

Lady Gaga


Who needs barbies when you can own your own life size pop star that sings to you #gagadollz

/ Via

3. And she looked kind of like one of Ariel’s sisters.


4. But apparently it was made out of gifts Mother Monster got from her fans, which is adorable.

Lady Gaga


the outfit i wore last night, i made out of fan presents! i cut up a make-up purse to make the seashells, monsters jewelry and glasses too!

/ Via

5. YAAAAAS Gaga! Soooo cute.

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