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    16 Photos Of Literal Heaven For A Pizza Lover

    What did we do to deserve pizza?

    1. Hey, hi there.

    2. So happy you're here to look at these pizzas with me.

    3. Because they're really special.

    4. Like these pizzas are killing it.

    5. It's almost weird how much I want to be this pizza.

    6. I just want to be ~seen~ with it.

    7. They're everything.

    8. Look at it go.

    9. It's the only role model that matters.

    10. It's everything good in the world in one place.

    11. Thank you for being a thing of beauty in this world.

    12. We don't even deserve something this perfect...

    13. This beautiful...

    14. This pure.

    15. *looks at it longingly*

    16. *whispers* I love you.

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