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    It's Time We Talk About Dane DeHaan

    It's time to #getonthedanetrain

    This is Dane DeHaan. Look familiar?

    That's because he's starred in movies with all your favorite people.

    1. Which means he has friends in high places.

    2. Like REALLY high places.

    Life ain't so bad. #beyondthepines premiere party.

    3. But it's time for us to obsess over him because he's the best. He's basically Leonardo DiCaprio.

    4. He kills it in high fashion clothing.

    #Prada Spring/Summer '13 part 2. Featuring moi.

    5. And looks flawless on a casual day out.

    6. His blue eyes will look directly into your soul.

    7. And you literally won't be able to look away.

    8. His kiss may actually kill you.

    9. And his goofiness will melt your heart.

    10. He's not afraid to tell you what he really thinks.

    11. Because he hates the same things that you do.

    I've never had the urge to punch anyone in the face more than when I see someone wearing Google Glass.

    12. Says what you've been wanting to.

    You ain't never gonna look cool walking around in ski boots. #Sundance

    13. And understands your pain.

    I gave up giving things up for Lent.

    14. He understands the simple joys of life.

    Ain't nothin quite like watchin' babies meeting babies.

    15. Like playing a sport he loves.

    16. Owning a cute little pup.

    17. And having a nice day off.

    Y'all wanna go golfing or eat some oysters or go to the beach or get your faced licked by a smarmy dog or sumtin?? #iDo

    18. Still not convinced?

    19. Well, he's about to play one of the most beautiful men of all time, James Dean.

    20. And he's humble.

    I get to do some pretty cool shit a lot of the time.

    21. A loving husband.

    #Bestdayofmylife. Happy #anniversary @annawoodyall. You are my beloved and you are my friend.

    22. And while we're all wearing sweats on the plane, he's flying in style.

    Harry Osborn on his private jet. @danedehaan

    23. Plus James Franco loves him.

    24. So get with it.

    25. Because Dane won't let you down.