14 Times Kids Were The Real Stars At Fashion Week

    Little in stature, big in attitude.

    1. North West when she's not crying.

    2. Li Zuliang's cutie pie who was so fashion forward.

    3. Harper Beckham being adorably emo.

    4. Mara Hoffman's little cutie who matched her mom.

    5. Rachel Zoe's son holding it down for the "long hair, don't care" crew.

    6. Michelle Smith's little ones who ran the emotional spectrum.

    7. Alexander Wang's niece Alia Wang, killing it as usual.

    8. Basically every kid at the Nike Levi's Kids fashion show.

    9. Like this tiny adorable gem.

    10. This court ready combo.

    11. This little guy with all the 'tude.

    12. This ball of energy.

    13. And this girl who has the model lean down.

    14. Seriously, get it girl.