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These Grandparents Had A Photo Shoot To Celebrate Being Together For 63 Years

Just some casual true love.

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To celebrate their ridiculously impressive longevity, their granddaughter Shalyn Nelson gave them their own photo shoot.

Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons

"I knew I wanted to create something special, and celebrate what true love was to me. And that for me, was my grandparents," Nelson told BuzzFeed. "[My Mamaw] loved every minute. It was so cute to see how excited she was to get all dolled up. I went to Macy's to try to find my Mamaw a dress, and ended up stuffing the top with my coat at the time to make sure there was enough room in the dress for her."

"This right here is my heart. This right here is the most important thing I have ever been a part of and put together."

Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons

The photo shoot is part of an ongoing project called Love, The Nelsons, which Nelson began to celebrate old love. "I’m ready to show lovers around the world that true love still exists," Nelson pledges. "There are so many love stories that we don’t know of out there waiting to be shared."


"Dearest Wanda, it’s been a long time since I have written you a letter. I think it was when I was working in Canada, that I wrote you last. Anyway, I still love you just as much, probably more."


To learn more about Love, The Nelsons Project and to read the whole letter, check out Shalyn Nelson's Instagram. Want to see more beautiful weddings? Follow BuzzFeed Weddings on Instagram.