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Just A Reminder That This Is Miley Cyrus' Brother

Trace Cyrus proves that Miley isn't the only adventurous one.

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Miley Cyrus has a surprisingly big family.

Oh hey Liam!
Twitter: @tishcyrus

Oh hey Liam!

But the only one who matters right now is her half-brother, Trace.

Here he is TBT-ing to 2008.

Anddddd here he is now.

He has a band called Ashland HIGH.

He used to be the lead singer of Metro Station before they broke up.

And runs a clothing brand called Southern Made Hollywood Paid.

And he has so so so so so many tattoos.

Like this one of Johnny Cash.

And this Willie Nelson tribute.

This tribute to his dog.

For his girlfriend, Brenda Song. Yep, that Brenda Song.

Oh and the tattoos are starting to spread down his legs as well.

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