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    Ellie Goulding May Be The Coolest Chick In The Game

    And her Instagram proves it.

    Ellie plays to sold out crowds all over the world.

    Which is pretty cool I guess. But it is what goes on behind the scenes that makes her so bad ass.

    The girl is always having fun.

    There is no party like an Ellie Goulding party.

    Because an Ellie Goulding party don't stop.

    Just ask Tay Swift.

    Ellie also has a kick-ass sense of humor about herself.

    Which is good because sometimes her job can be intense.

    But no matter what, she always looks flawless. This is what she looks like on duty.

    And this is her off duty. I mean...

    And these are her freakin' pajamas!

    She is maybe the cutest unicorn in the world.

    She has a killer bod.

    Are you serious?!

    And the best part is that she gets this way from eating sweets...

    ...and then running for causes she believes in.

    In her downtime she perfects her moves by taking part in raves in her car.

    And frequents candy stores in trendy sweatpants.

    But possibly most important is that Ellie's alter ego is a cat.

    A freakin cat!

    I mean come on. She's the best!

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