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    14 Times BuzzFeed Life Gave Us Life This Week

    Living a better life, one post at a time.

    1. When Jurassic World took a delicious turn.

    2. And sushi and burritos had a little baby.

    3. When these tattooed parents showed their little ones some love.

    4. When the In-N-Out not-so-secret menu got even more appealing.

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    5. When we learned how to get ourselves psyched up to exercise.

    6. When we got tips about how to be a better lover that were actually helpful.

    7. When women stood up for their bodies.

    8. When we set a trap for Channing Tatum using his favorite sandwich.

    9. When we learned how to make our nails the true VIP of wedding season.

    10. When we learned the terrifying reality of how gross your bra actually is.

    11. When we got hot people recommendations based off of our new crush, Ruby Rose.

    12. When we learned we were making hot dogs incorrectly the whole time!

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    13. When we learned which apps we can download to be smarter than ever.

    14. When we got real about how bad wedding guests are at being wedding guests.

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