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    This Girl's Selfies Will Make Your Selfie Stick Look Like Just A Stick

    Oh, so THIS is what a personal drone is for!

    Instagrammer Renee Lusano is taking selfies to the next level with three words: Personal Freakin' Drone.

    "Aerial footage is cool, but there's only so many videos of rooftops or waves breaking on a beach that anyone cares to see."

    "Furby 4," a DJI Phantom 3 drone, has become a loyal companion in her travels. It makes your selfie stick look like the technology equivalent of a car phone.

    Aside from technical difficulties, she's had very few issues while flying.

    So what kind of drone adventures can we look forward to in the future?

    And maybe the next Mad Max movie?

    Check out more selfie travels on Renee's Instagram.

    h/t Nasty Gal