14 Instagram Accounts That Make The Chicago Cold Look Worth It

Maybe it’s time to make it the first city.

1. Trashhand, @trashhand


Trashhand is a Chicago-based photographer who often travels the world. But it’s his cityscape photos of the Windy City that will keep you coming back.

2. Craig Shimala, @cshimala


As the multimedia director for t-shirt company, Craig is used to being surrounded by unique art but this time he’s taking the art into his own hands.

3. Nathan Michael, @nathanmichael


If you love food and Chicago, Nahan’s Instagram is THE Instagram to follow. The photographer shows you all the delicious things he eats AND geotags it so you can go grab some for yourself.

4. Ryan Postel, @ryanpostel


Ryan Postel is a filmmaker by trade but it’s his beautiful still frames that make his Instagram so special.

5. Molly Miller, @molmiller


Molly Miller is a mother and very talented photographer living in Chicago.

6. Elise Swopes, @swopes


Elise Swope is a Chicago-based graphic artist and mobile photographer who uses only her iPhone and filters available via apps to create truly special works.

7. Chase Turner, @minusmanhattan


Chase is a creative strategist at Tumblr so he knows what is up on the internet. And what is up is his Instagram account.

8. Christopher Hainey, @chriscreature


At night Chris is the drummer for Maps & Atlases, but during the day he’s killin’ it on Instagram.

9. Nolis Anderson, @nolisuniverse


Nolis Anderson is a portrait and landscape photographer in Chicago. His Instagram is a mix of his work and his personal photos and each is more beautiful than the last.

10. Danny Mota, @dannymota


You won’t be able to believe that Danny uses only his iPhone to capture his photos of the Windy City.

11. Jeremy Hinton, @jmharch


Jeremy is an architect in Chicago who uses his Instagram to take photos of, you guessed it, architecture in Chicago!

12. Nina Johnson, @ninagraceless


Nina is an art director and freelance designer based in Chicago. Her instagram is a mix of her photographs and what she calls an “#emojifantasy,” an image with a featured emoji.

13. Bobby Reys, @bobbyreys


Bobby is a web developer during the work week. But when he’s not working, this Chicago based photographer shoots beautiful work.

14. Paul Octavious, @pauloctavious


Paul’s Instagram is not your traditional account. A photographer and self proclaimed “story teller” Paul uses his Instagram to create art FROM his surroundings, not OF his surroundings.

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