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27 Pieces Of Spice Girls Merch You Wish You Still Had

Spice up your life with these goodies!

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1. These sweet velcro kicks

2. This "Girl Power" Mirror

3. A bad-ass Aprilia scooter

4. A super classy silk tie

5. Some Impulse deodorant

6. These delicious Cadbury chocolate bars

7. A commemorative Pepsi can

8. and some fancy cups to put your Pepsi in

9. "Fantasy Ball" lollipops

10. One or all of the "On Tour" Barbies

11. A mini sound stage for your Barbies

12. This useful photo keyring

13. Ginger Spice's union jack dress

14. This sweet ride

15. A 100 page hard cover journal

16. Some little figurines

Obvs Posh is in her little back dress.

Obvs Posh is in her little back dress.

17. This fantastic plastic purse

18. A fancy necklace

19. Some yummy Spice Girls chips

20. A pack of pencils

21. A Spice Girls Polaroid camera, naturally

22. Really small books

23. This compact mirror

24. Rings for every finger

25. Wall calendars

26. This fantastic baseball cap

27. And a tote to hold all of your other Spice Girls merch

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