27 Pieces Of Spice Girls Merch You Wish You Still Had

Spice up your life with these goodies!

2. This “Girl Power” Mirror

3. A bad-ass Aprilia scooter

5. Some Impulse deodorant

6. These delicious Cadbury chocolate bars

7. A commemorative Pepsi can

8. and some fancy cups to put your Pepsi in

9. “Fantasy Ball” lollipops

10. One or all of the “On Tour” Barbies

11. A mini sound stage for your Barbies

12. This useful photo keyring

13. Ginger Spice’s union jack dress

14. This sweet ride

15. A 100 page hard cover journal

16. Some little figurines

Obvs Posh is in her little back dress.

17. This fantastic plastic purse

18. A fancy necklace

19. Some yummy Spice Girls chips

20. A pack of pencils

21. A Spice Girls Polaroid camera, naturally

22. Really small books

23. This compact mirror

24. Rings for every finger

25. Wall calendars

26. This fantastic baseball cap

27. And a tote to hold all of your other Spice Girls merch

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