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Are You Mary Or MacKenzie?

It's that time. Which MC are you??

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  1. I've been known to say....

    "I need that chicken tikka masala"
    "Yeah, their language usage is pretty inconsistent"
    "Greeeeat gal"
    "Wow, this coffee is overextracted"
  2. It's a nice day, what are you doing?

    Meeting up with a friend and catching up
    Working on homework *sigh*
    Walking to a coffee shop
    Going to meet someone at the rock wall
  3. You're at a coffee shop, what do you order?

    A mocha
    Whatever coffee they have on bar today
    An espresso
  4. What are your aspirations in life?

    Try really hard at something that hopefully makes a difference
    Apprentice with a welder in Italy
    Be a barista
    Design for an outdoors company
  5. It's almost spring break, where do you want to go?

  6. How do you give advice?

    Yell "WE DON'T CRY OVER BOYS" while your friend cries while driving on the highway
    Helping them analyze the situation from all perspectives
    Just sitting with your friend when they're sad
    A strongly worded text telling them NOT TO DO THAT THING
  7. Pick a favorite hobby

    Listening to some music
    Something artsy like painting or embroidery
  8. What ridiculous thing will you probably do this week?

    Climb a building and get caught by the police
    Cut off some of your hair on a whim
    Play in the rain during a tornado warning
    Pour coffee on someone's head

Are You Mary Or MacKenzie?

You got: Mary

Mary likes long climbs on the rockwall, saying things in the most absurd way possible, skateboarding on the za board, eating chicken tikki masala, pouring latte art in her own mochas, and running half marathons with zero preparation.

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You got: MacKenzie

MacKenzie likes wearing a lot of denim and black, reading books quietly together, drinking coffee, eating vegetables for every meal #vegatables #for #breakfast, and making a fool outta herself on the interweb.

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