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    Fan Of "Chopped?" Then You're Well Aware That These 9 Things Happen In EVERY Episode

    Why is there only one ice cream machine?!

    1. As they introduce the contestants, one of them inevitably has a major sob story that they immediately talk about.

    Food Network / Via

    This person will either come in first place or be the first one eliminated. There's no in between.

    2. There's some truly disgusting mystery basket ingredient that no one has used before.

    Food Network / Via

    Reindeer pâté? Coagulated pig’s blood? That's it. I'm going to McDonald's.

    3. Someone leaves one of the mystery ingredients off of the plate OR realizes it at the last second and just throws it on top.

    Food Network / Via

    You had one job.

    4. Someone always overcooks their protein or – worse – undercooks it.

    Food Network / Via

    And sometimes it's so severe that the judges just flat out refuse to eat it.

    5. A contestant argues with the judge over the critique of their food.

    Food Network / Via

    Which they MUST realize doesn't do them any favors, and yet...

    6. The person you initially thought was going to win gets chopped before the final round.

    Food Network / Via


    7. As a viewer, you immediately panic when someone tries to use the ice cream machine during the dessert round.

    Food Network / Via

    Ugh, it's truly such a gamble. And there's only one machine! Make or break moment here, folks.

    8. Or when yet another contestant decides to make bread pudding.

    Food Network / Via

    Break pudding on Chopped? Groundbreaking.

    9. And ultimately, a Chopped Champion is crowned.

    Food Network / Via

    Don't forget the cash prize of $10,000!

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