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    How To Totally And Completely Crush Your Next Job Interview Using The "Schitt's Creek" Method

    Never let the bastards get you down!

    Interviewing for a job is hard!

    It tends to be a very stressful process.

    But, you can set yourself up for success by listening to these timeless words of wisdom.

    1. Do your research!

    2. It's okay to be nervous!

    3. Dress for the occasion, but make sure you're comfortable!

    4. Practice your answer to the standard "strengths and weaknesses" question.

    5. Arrive early, but not too early.

    6. Before you walk in, spend at least 30 seconds taking deep breaths.

    7. Bring the energy and positivity!

    8. Be aware of your body language.

    9. Silence is fine. Take a second to think about your answer, if you need to.

    10. Don't just repeat your resume.

    11. Bring samples of your work, as appropriate.

    12. Have some questions prepared in advance.

    13. Know your worth.

    14. Before you leave, ask them about next steps / timeline.

    15. Make sure you send a thank you note / email!

    16. And it's okay to follow up again after that.

    17. And finally, don't spend time over analyzing all of your answers after you leave.