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16 Tweets That Will Make You Miss "Parks And Rec" SO MUCH

You had me at meat tornado.

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1. This beautiful reunion photo.

🎶 Hi, hi Lil’ SeBESTians! Miss you in the saddest fashion. 🎶 #ParksAndRec 📸: @iamrashidajones

Twitter / Via Twitter: @parksandrecnbc

2. And all of our feelings about it tweet.

i'm fine we are ALL FINE #parksandrec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @GurlDotCom

3. This crossover tweet.


Twitter / Via Twitter: @BenjaminShahar

4. This political address.

Best line in television history. #ParksAndRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Nick_Nocella

5. This super relatable tweet.

Ha! Just saw this today. 🏃🏽‍♀️Repost by @poehlerbae #jogging #rashidajones #annperkins #parksandrec…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @EvangelineLilly

6. This business savvy tweet.

When you're leaving work early and it feels like 9 days have already passed since this morning: #ParksAndRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @beep33TV

7. This tweet that'll make you hungry.

"When I eat, it is the food that is scared" - Ron Swanson #ParksAndRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @WyattBechtel

8. This futuristic tweet.

That time #ParksAndRec predicted the @Cubs winning the #worldseries

Twitter / Via Twitter: @daisycakes4

9. This tweet for the non-healthy eaters.

This whole healthy eating thing has gone a little too far. #ParksandRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @EmmaLocke_

10. And this all-too-real running tweet.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @EagletonSucks

11. This tweet about the moment we remember so vividly.

When Ben says he never wrote Leslie's concession speech. #ParksAndRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @kyliemichele123

12. This mix of personalities tweet.

I'm a little bit Andy Dwyer, and a little Ron Swanson... #ParksAndRec

Twitter / Via Twitter: @GronkDreams87

13. This April appreciation tweet.

I relate to April from #ParksAndRec too many times during a week 😩

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Autumnweasleyx

14. And this Harry Potter appreciation tweet.

In honor of @MichaelaHuff1 going to Harry Potter World, here are the best HP quotes from Parks and Rec #YoureWelcome

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jewlz__99

15. This motivational poster tweet.

A little #mondaymotivation from the great Ron Swanson! #ParksAndRec (Yes, this is hanging next to my desk)

Twitter / Via Twitter: @InfinityEdward

16. This tweet about the terrordome.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @EagletonSucks

No, YOU'RE crying.

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