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    13 Times "The League" Was Funnier Than We Gave It Credit For

    "Forever unclean!"

    1. When Pete learned the hard way what a "golden gate" is:

    2. The time Baby Geoffrey ate out of a urinal in a public restroom:

    3. When Kevin got stuck in traffic, but the Yobagoya just couldn't wait:

    4. When Taco created his offline social platform, MyFace:

    5. When Andre had himself inside of him after falling on The Dre in Vegas:

    6. When Pete dated Kevin's ex and she overshared this detail:

    7. When Kevin couldn't take it anymore and just HAD to Shiva blast:

    8. When everyone talked about the characters they developed to basically play phone chicken:

    9. And Rafi took his role of Bobbum Man a little too far:

    10. When Andre decided to run a marathon. A what? A marathon:

    11. Every single time the guys used the video board:

    12. When Kevin lost and basically ruined every Christmas illusion for his daughter:

    13. When Russell explained his sex addiction to Jenny:

    Seriously. This show is hilarious. Go watch it!