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18 Ways You Know You're a TRIPster

In honor of One Tribe One Day, we wanted to share with you a day in the life of our undergraduate student research assistants that make the Teaching, Research, and International Policy project happen. Whether you are a TRIPster, were a TRIPster, or know and love a TRIPster, we're sure you can relate to a few of these. Help make a difference to TRIP and donate at

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1. It's major news when the coffee machine breaks!

2. People are shocked by your Google skills.

3. When you're trying to learn the rules of the codebook...

4. ... then you think you're finally an expert.

5. Prof. Maliniak when Prof. Peterson and Prof. Tierney talk about paradigm:

6. We can't forget Prof. Tierney's baller Hawaiian shirts!

7. Or Elizabeth when you ask her why the spreadsheet looks different.

8. Sometimes you have to fight for dominance on the third floor.

9. When there's free food in the kitchen...

10. ... or when someone says "WaWa walk?"

11. Sometimes there's only one place you kind find any information.

12. When a person's listed as an "Assistant Adjunct Professor":

13. When someone puts their spouse, kids, dog, address, and hobbies on their CV...

14. Going to audit and the CV isn't uploaded.

15. You're excited when it's 5 o'clock.

16. And just as excited to see everyone the next day.

17. You realize you work at such an amazing place.

18. But eventually, it will be time to chase your dreams...

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