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This Shocking Trend Is Taking Over YouTube

It's almost like a cult.

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Yes, subliminals- but what are they? Why is this a trend?

Subliminals are essentially audio clips, usually around ten minutes in length, which claim to provide special benefits if you listen to them once or twice a day. These audio clips and the channels which provide them have built up a cult following in recent years.

The 'benefits' they offer range from mental changes, like becoming more humble, or expanding your consciousness.

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In some cases, the purported benefits may be physical, from changing your weight, eye colour, skin tone, or the shapes of body parts, height, or even your race.

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Other videos advertise fluency in other languages, or changes to your accent.

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Some videos even offer to change facial features to look like celebrities or models:

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These videos may seem niche, but many channels have thousands of subscribers, with hundreds of thousands of views on their most popular videos.

While at times, cynics appear in the comments, the majority of people who comment below are either requesting new subliminal videos or attesting for how the audio worked so well for them, in a way which almost seems like a cult.

The viewers of these numerous channels seem mostly young, seeking to attain perfection, or change things about themselves. Unfortunately, it may be that rather than helping, these videos disillusion such groups with promises of change without action, feeding on their insecurities whilst video creators rake in views, subscribers, and possibly profits.

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This Shocking Trend Is Taking Over YouTube

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