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Homey Announces Coming Indiegogo For PowerUp – The World's Smartest Macbook Charger

With rising technological advances in laptops and smartphones, there comes a growing need for accessories that can keep them charged and ready-to-go. Electronic accessory company Homey is answering the call with the PowerUp, a breakthrough power adapter for devices requiring USB-C chargers like the latest MacBook.

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While the new Macbook Pro is hailed for its sleek, minimalistic design, the mountain of chargers, dongles, and adapters it now requires has created high inconvenience to users. Fortunately, such problem can be completely replaced one game-changing, new product: the PowerUp.

The PowerUp is a breakthrough MacBook Pro USB-C charger that combines a Type-C hub, MacBook Pro laptop charger, and Type-A USB charger into one. This all-encompassing product is marketed at only $69, the same price point as the standard MacBook charger - yet it offers so much more. The perfect Macbook Pro complement, it goes a step beyond Apple’s basic USB-C to USB converter by solving two prominent issues: the laptop’s lack of connectivity with USB devices and low battery life.

As an Apple fan himself, Homey founder Peikai Hou genuinely hopes that the PowerUp will help users.

“I made this product with my own personal needs in mind while using Apple and Mac products. I trust that other users will have had the same frustrations and issues as I did and have the same need for PowerUp as I do,” Hou said.

Beyond portability and high-speed charging, the MacBook adapter, with an integrated Type-A USB hub, offers data transfer capabilities at 5GB/second between a user’s MacBook Pro and their other devices. Users not only can avoid the hassle of carrying multiple chargers with them, but they will also be able to charge their smartphones and tablets two times faster through the PowerUp when it is used as a stand-alone charger. Experts anticipate that the new MacBook Pro will be one of the best-selling laptop computers of the year, which will generate huge demand for the PowerUp.

A number of different donation levels will be offered on the PowerUp's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and a handful of lucky early buyers will be able to purchase one for an unbelievable $49. Initial customers who were able to beta test the PowerUp were very impressed with the device’s affordable price point, high level of convenience, and sleek and minimalistic design, offering both black and white colors to fit well in the Apple universe. A revolutionizing, compact charger, the PowerUp is the perfect companion for Apple fans and their MacBook Pros. For more information, please visit

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