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    How To Remove Zepto Ransomware And Decrypt .zepto Files

    Zepto Ransomware is new file-encrypting virus from Locky family.

    It uses RSA-2048 encryption algorithm and appends .zepto extensions to encrypted files and modifies file names with set of numbers and letters.

    First part of this set is your actually personal ID that is needed to pay the ransom and get decryptor. Ransom amount is 0.5 BitCoins (~$365). Zepto creates _HELP_instructions.html file with instructions to make the payment. Instructions contain links to and websites, which are TOR hidden services gateways.

    This services, along with TOR browser, are used to protect authors of this viruses from tracking. At the moment of writing this article, there was NO way to decrypt .zepto files, except from online or local backups. However, we keep abreast of the situation and will update information as soon as decryptor appears. Zepto virus removal guide to remove Zepto virus and restore files with .zepto extension for free.

    Zepto like Locky uses e-mail attachments, with 2 types of files (.zip and .docm). First one uses archived java-script files. Second one uses macros inside the document, that will then download main executable. JavaScript files icons may look like text files and unsuspecting users may click on them.

    Virus assigns certain ID with the victims, that is used to name those files and to send decryption key. In order to prevent infection with this type of threats in future we recommend you to use SpyHunter and HitmanPro with Cryptoguard.

    How to stay safe from ransomware: Try these small steps to prevent ransomware threats and to secure your data on virtual platform.

    * Do not open unusual attachments.

    * Keep tab on spam mails folder.

    * Do not click links, which seems to be doubtful or are sent from anonymous source.

    * Do not visit unusual websites.