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These 13 Adorable Cats Are Marketing Superstars

13 kitties are helping one independent movie theater, Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) in Pleasantville, NY, promote the new film Kedi, a documentary starring the cats of Istanbul. Through Facebook and Instagram campaigns, these furry felines are getting the word out about this purr-fect documentary!

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1. Carmella

Jacob Burns Film Center

Rescued off the streets of Manhattan in the winter of 2003, Carmella lives a far cozier life these days. She was named after the iconic ‘Carmella Soprano,’ and even briefly lived with another cat, ‘Anthony.’ Carmella was the runt of the litter and is still pretty tiny. Her favorite activities include running around, pushing small items off of tables, and quietly judging you. Her picture has been on NY1’s ‘Pic of the Day,’ so she’s super famous, but still pretty down-to-earth.

2. Ralph

Jacob Burns Film Center

Ralph was born in South Carolina in a high kill shelter and was rescued by Janet of Second Chance Animal Rescue of Connecticut. His owner brought him home on her birthday and he is the best present she has ever received. Ralph is an absolute glutton. He finishes all his food and bullies his sister Noodles away so he can eat all of hers. He also LOVES people food and will eat anything you leave out. He is naughty and mischievous but also the biggest lover and cuddler in the world. That adorable face makes his owner forgive anything he does. His only fears are the vacuum cleaner and Noodles getting any attention.

3. Scully

Jacob Burns Film Center

Scully was born in Nashville and lives in NYC. She loves to cuddle, purr, and play (except for when she doesn’t), enjoys watching TV, and likes drinking dirty water from soaking pots. Special skills include: dragging toilet paper through the apartment, being the most adorable kitty, turning on the gas oven, and kicking litter on the floor. She was named after Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI, and has a bizarre affinity for hummus.

4. Wolf

Jacob Burns Film Center

Wolf (Wolfie) is a black-and-white seven-year-old rabble-rouser from Baltimore, Maryland. When he was allowed outdoors he inflicted chaos on the local bunny population. Now a full-time indoor cat, he can only stare at them from the window with a mixture of contempt and longing. He has a penchant for sitting on leather bags and magazines. He greatly prefers to drink from the bathroom sink and expects you to turn it on for him whenever he desires hydration.

5. Harley

Jacob Burns Film Center

This is Harley. He was a neighborhood cat before his owner's aunt stumbled upon him, and then his owner took him in. Originally thought to be female, Harley was named after Harley Quinn. But it works either way. He's wild, loud, obnoxious, and never lets his owner sleep. He definitely has a little boy mentality and messes with his owner as much as his owner messes with him. But when he's quiet and behaving, he's pretty cute.

6. Fezziwig

Jacob Burns Film Center

Fezziwig is a ten year old orange tabby. He was named after a character in A Christmas Carol after showing up for dinner out of the blue on a snowy Christmas night. His feline hepatitis does not stop him from enjoying a meaningful retirement of warm snuggles, snoozing in the sunlight, and eating like a heavyweight champ to maintain his fighting figure.

7. Princess

Jacob Burns Film Center

Princess (aka Meatball aka Baby) is a sweet, volatile seven year old ball of love. She was rescued from the shelter two years ago after meowing incessantly at her owners until they had no choice but to take her home. She continues to meow incessantly. Her favorite things are food, eating, and jumping up on the TV stand to knock Blu-rays off until you get up to feed her. Favorite foods to try to steal include parmesan cheese and butter. Even though she likes to give off the impression that she’s tough and grumpy, she’s always ready to curl up on the couch, make biscuits on your blanket, and fall asleep while watching a movie with you.

8. Luna

Jacob Burns Film Center

Luna won the life lottery the day her parents decided to "just visit" the ASPCA in NYC three years ago. Named after the beloved Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood, Luna lives up to her namesake. A bit quirky, Luna’s favorite treats are pieces of raw green beans (not kidding). She enjoys chattering to the birds outside her windows and sleeping on her favorite chair. She isn't a fan of most humans other than her parents, but after you get to know her, she will be your loyal friend.

9. Whiskey

Whiskey came to his owners last year as a sickly and skittish six-year-old. Though she was only supposed to be a temporary house guest as a favor to a friend, this little calico inevitably nuzzled her way into her owners' home and hearts and has since become a permanent resident. She's a sassy little lady who isn't afraid to speak her mind. No really—she won't stop meowing until she gets what she wants, whether it be food or for you to open a door you've had the nerve to close. Her favorite things are: chin scratches, head butting, running laps around the house, sticking her paws under doors, walking on laptops, and watching Forensic Files.

10. Hercules

Jacob Burns Film Center

Hercules was rescued three years ago, found just a few yards from the house he now calls home. Like his namesake, the Greek demigod, Hercules is outgoing, strong, and fearless (except for sudden loud noises). Always wearing a tuxedo, Hercules is a stylish dresser, ready for any formal occasion. He appreciates others who dress as formally as he—his favorite TV show is Downton Abbey. Hercules also enjoys playing in water, supervising his family as they cook in the kitchen (he’s eager to help clean any messes), chasing sunlight as it travels through his home, and scratching at wool rugs to the point of ruin. When tired from doing those things, Hercules can be found purring at a high volume while occupying as much space as possible on a queen sized bed.

11. Sweet Pea

Jacob Burns Film Center

Sweet Pea is a four year old rescue with soft gray fur and beautiful blue and green eyes. His humans were just buying food for their other cat at PetSmart, minding their own business, when he locked eyes on them, staring them down until they brought him home. Now, instead of dodging coyotes in the wild, he lives an envied life of bird watching, fancy kibbles, furniture climbing, and scheming to steal extra food. He fears sudden noises, except when he creates them by knocking objects off of high shelves. Despite being born in the wild, he is an expert snuggler, and his human housemates agree that he is, in fact, the Sweetest Pea.

12. Malamahamadama AND Bongo Fury

Jacob Burns Film Center

Malamahamadama is 14, part Siamese and the talker. She has moved with her owner four times and is the friendliest cat you will ever meet. Bongo Fury is eight years old, has only lived in one house, and is scared of everything. These two have a love/hate relationship like siblings and their owner loves them like family.

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