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10 Facts About Male Suicide That Need To Be Known

It's time to stop being afraid of the "S" word.

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3. Last year, there were 4,623 male suicides in the UK.

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To put that figure in perspective, the number of male deaths caused by road traffic accidents, murder, and HIV/AIDS in 2014 totals 1,631 combined – just over one third of that figure

5. But when it comes to suicide, men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women.

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Of the total 6,109 deaths attributed to suicide last year, 76% of those were male. Or to put it another way, three in every four cases.

7. Of those that have considered suicide, 41% have never shared those feelings with anyone.

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They don't feel confident talking about it with friends, family, and colleagues because they feel it's not something a man should need support for, nor something they think is significant enough to burden others with.

8. In fact, the most common reason for not talking is they simply didn't want anyone to worry.

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In a CALM survey, the majority of those who admitted they did consider suicide, didn't speak about it because they didn't want anyone to worry, cause a fuss, or simply discuss their feelings. It shows just how inappropriate the idea is felt to be, and the fear of other people's reactions.

10. What IS true is that we're not talking about it enough.

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None of us are. Celebrity tweets about vegan meatballs and countless other trivial topics generate more discussion than something that's killing men every single day.

Saying something is safer than saying nothing. Trust your gut, and start the conversation.

Lynx have teamed up with CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably, to get people talking about a problem that affects men everywhere.

To tackle the problem, we need to start talking about it. So, for one day, on November 19, we want to park the latest fashions, league tables, and banter, and get everyone talking about this important issue.

Lend your voice, via Twitter or Facebook, and you'll be joining Stephen Fry, Professor Green, Frank Turner, and hundreds of others in a mass shoutout.

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