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10 Crazy Ice Cream World Records

I couldn't believe them either!

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Guinness World Records is a truly magical organization.

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They have so many interesting, inspiring, and at times downright wild records in their database. I mean, how do people come up with some of this stuff?!

Here are 10 of their craziest ice cream related records:

The Largest Scoop

Guinness World Records / Via

The largest scoop of ice cream, created by American company Kemps in June 2014, weighed 1,365kg and was made from about 733 containers of strawberry ice cream. It measured 5'6" tall and 6'2" wide!

The Most Balanced

Guinness World Records / Via

In September 2015, Italian Dimitri Panciera broke his own world record for the most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone with 121 scoops, surpassing his previous record of 109.

The Longest Banana Split

Guinness World Records / Via

In March 2017, at the Feast of the Senses Festival in Innisfail, Australia, the community used 40,000 bananas and 2,500 liters of ice cream to build the 8 kilometers long split.

The Largest Ice Cream Cake

Guinness World Records / Via

Created by Dairy Queen Canada in May 2011, the largest ice cream cake weighed 10.13 tonnes! It was made up of vanilla ice cream, sponge cake, buttercream frosting, and Oreo cookie topping.

The Longest Ice Cream Man Career

Guinness World Records / Via

American man Allan Ganz reached 67 continuous years as an ice cream man in May 2014. He began his lifelong profession with his father in 1947 at the age of 10.

The Most Expensive

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The $25,000 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate (yes, with three r's) can be found at Serendipity 3 in New York City. The decadent sundae, which was added to their menu November 2007, features a blend of 28 different cocoas from around the world and is adorned with 5g of edible 23-carat gold!

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