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16 Reasons To Believe In Believeland

It never was a mistake by the lake.

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Today marks the first game of the World Series as well as the first home game the Cavs will play as reigning champs. Lebron and Kyrie will get their rings and the Indians will have their first shot at the championship since 1997. The truth is though, Cleveland's always rocked.


3. Because Clevelanders are always looking out for a friend.

.@Indians is it Tuesday yet? Asking for a friend.


8. I mean, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

Major League continues to be the gift that keeps on giving! if called upon, I'd be honored.

10. And love to show our appreciation with gifts.

got him a washcloth to dry the champagne off ... @sportsyelling @JCUStreaks10 #RallyTogether

Even if it's a major league baseball player who just started his second game ever, and clinched us a ride to the World Series.


11. Our Christmas Ale is a six time medal winner.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Announces 2016 Christmas Ale Debut Date

And at 7.5% can be a real doozy at a holiday party.

12. ...and with $4 drafts you can buy a round for friends without breaking the bank.

Yes, Progressive Field lowered their beer prices in 2013. And there are still places where you can buy a round for 10 people for a cool $20.

14. And stick together even when we shouldn't watch.

My kids are so spoiled with all this Cleveland sports success that today we are sitting down as a family to watch t…

Being a Browns fan is a tough gig, but it's part of the job.

15. And even when it feels like no one else believes in us...

Who will win the 2016 World Series? Our experts like the Cubs and have no love for the Indians. Full predictions:…

16. We know nothing more, than to believe in ourselves.