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    What Does It Mean To Have #HearingPrivilege?

    On Monday of this week, the hashtag #HearingPrivilege took over Twitter. Thanks to Professor Joseph Hill and assistant professor Jason Listman from National Technical Institute for the Deaf, along with their colleagues and students, people who are d/Deaf/ HoH used #HearingPrivilege to share examples of both blatant and subtle ways that the ability to hear offers societal privilege.

    The #HearingPrivilege hashtag was used to raise awareness:

    Hearing Privilege Can be Found In Education:

    Hearing Privilege is also Found in the Business World:

    ...And In Emergency Situations:

    Hearing Privilege is Evident in Our Justice System:

    We also see it in Medical Settings:

    Hearing Privilege Means it's Easy to Make Plans:

    Hearing Privilege Allows People to Feel Comfortable Making Assumptions About Deafness:

    Hearing Privilege in Transportation & Travel:

    In Faith:

    And in the US Military:

    Hearing Privilege Can Even Be An Issue In Advocacy:

    And It Is Prevalent In Everyday Communication:

    We live in a culture constructed BY and FOR the hearing majority. The ability to hear offers many advantages and inherent opportunities. We cannot move toward a just and equal society until everyone recognizes this oppressive bias.

    For more information on the #HearingPrivilege Social Media Takeover:

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