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Your Baby Who Loves Animals Will Love This DIY Aquarium

And you'll love that it's way less upkeep than a real aquarium.

1. Sick of buying toys that bore your baby after one use? This DIY aquarium is perfect for your family!

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This is how you can transform an old box of diapers into a ~swimmingly~ perfect art project.

Here's everything you need:

* Diaper box

* Scissors

* Tape

* Glue

* Buttons

* String

* Cupcake liners

* Paint

* Googly eyes

2. First, cut the diaper box in half.

3. Cut out a rectangle on one side. This will be the "front" of the aquarium.

4. Outline three slits in the side of the box and peel them out.

5. Cut a hole out of the shorter sides of the box.

6. Using scraps, build some waves and glue them to the back of the box.

7. Paint and decorate!

8. Fold cupcake liners to build some little fish!

Add string to the back of the fish using tape.

9. Attach the string to the buttons and slip them through the three slots.

10. And then help those fishes swim!

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