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12 Trophies Every Second-Time Parent Deserves

Yes, parenting is its own reward, but something extra never hurt. Live, learn, and get Luvs.

1. Took a double-wide stroller through an impossibly tight space.

2. Left the house with a diaper bag full of just the right amount of stuff.

3. Grabbed the last diapers from the store — and they were the right kind.

4. Convinced the older sibling to help with chores.

5. Didn't spend a small fortune on stylish baby outfits.

6. Did not post EVERY photo of your kid online (only most of them).

7. Disguised vegetables like some sort of food magician.

8. Got both kids down for a nap...and scored one yourself!

9. Found a replacement babysitter in record time.

10. Actually took a family photo with the whole family.

11. Discussed poop like it’s NBD.

12. Just did your best (and didn't worry about being the "perfect parent").

Another award for being a second-time parent? Being a total expert.

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Illustrations by Dan Blaushild / © BuzzFeed