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41 Thoughts Every Baby Definitely Has During A Diaper Change

What? Do I smell bad, Mom?! Make sure to check out Luvs’ new diaper technology for your tot!

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1. Hey! You there, with all that hair on your head!

2. Yeah, you, with the teeth! You keep pretending like you can't understand me!

3. What is this?! Why are you sniffing my butt?

4. What does my butt have that YOU need? This is MY butt, you know.

5. Nothing to see here!

6. Can't ANYONE get any privacy around here?

7. Leave me be! Stop with the poking!

8. You've ruined everything now.

9. Now I feel self-conscious. What? Do I smell bad?

10. Well if I do, I don't care!

11. I WAS making abstract Cheerio art until you rudely interrupted!

Haylee Sherwood / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: 120077902@N02

12. I was going to pour the milk all over the floor for my final act.

13. You're upsetting my audience! That furry creature over there with the collar on its neck looks very excited to see my latest work.


15. It RUINS the creative flow. The MOOD. Don't you know anything?

16. Oh, I see what you want. That happened a while ago.

Brandon / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Flickr: brandonsneatphotos

17. You're late to the party…

18. The poopy-in-the-pants party. Welcome!

19. Number 1 AND number 2. I'm sorry.

20. Call the fire department.

21. JK, just you is fine.

22. Plop me down right there.

23. Hey! Couldn't you have warmed it up a bit?

24. Wait, why do you look so happy? Do you know what I have in this diaper of mine?

25. OK, OK, this clearly isn't your first rodeo.


27. Don't use THOSE wipes!

28. Oh please, no, not the white gooey stuff.

29. Wait, so I don't have to do anything? I just lie here?

30. You lift me, wipe me, and put a new one of these things on?

31. Really? Thanks! I feel like a new man.

Six month old baby girl on changing table, Collingwood, Ontario
Jim Craigmyle / Getty Images

Six month old baby girl on changing table, Collingwood, Ontario

32. But who does this for you?

33. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm so glad I don't have to return the favor…

34. At least my butt is small and humble.

35. So, when did you get so good at this whole detecting poop thing? You have a real future in this, kiddo.

36. But, are there ulterior motives? I mean, I can't be enough…

37. What game are you playing? Is it currency? Is POOP currency on this planet?

38. You SNEAKY MOM, you!

39. I'll play your game, LADY. But next time I work on my Cheerios, I get three hours of uninterrupted work time.


41. But really, thanks. This feels much better.

Robert Stern / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: armyofgnomes