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This DIY Ball Maze Project Will Amaze Your Baby

Simply amaze.

Sick of buying toys that bore your baby after one use? This DIY maze is perfect for your family!

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Here's what you need:

* Cardboard diaper box

* Paper towel rolls

* Hot glue gun

* Tape

* Scissors

* Decorations

* Small ball

1. First, cut the diaper box into two pieces so they look like this:

2. Tape the two pieces together.

3. Cut a hole in the top left side of the open box.

4. Tape the edges of the box.

5. Cut two paper towel rolls in half, hot dog style.

6. Make those tubes more sturdy by adding duct tape.

Plus you get some color!

7. Glue the sides of the halved tubes and stick them to the inner walls of the box.

8. Add some magical decor!

9. Drop the ball through the hole and get to rollin'!

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