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12 Horrifying Moments Every Parent Has Experienced

"He pooped where?!"

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1. When you discover just who's responsible for this:

NOT the cat.

2. When your kid plays with your phone... and texts gibberish to half of your contacts.

Weerameth Weerachotewong/Weerameth Weerachotewong

3. When your baby tries to eat something they shouldn't.

4. When they drool all over everything in someone else's home:

surlygirl / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: jm_photos

5. This:

6. When your baby hides somewhere, and you're convinced you've lost them.


7. When your kid learns some questionable words.

8. When this happens right before an important event:

Courtesy of Michael Klein and Carolyn Klein Rodriguez

9. When you hear the words "uh-oh" come from the next room.


10. When a temper tantrum happens... in full view of probably every person on this planet.

11. When it's "too quiet."

Someone must be getting into trouble.

12. When you realize that you forgot to pack diapers.


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