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Types Of Design

The design is the most rational and sensitive to products that do not necessarily have to be beautiful approach and long are referred to as works of art.

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Industrial design

It is responsible for generating strategies and set the shape of objects. It focuses on solving technical problems implicit in the implementation of projects. It uses the idea that the tools and utensils are extensions of man. It specializes in the Art & Design of furniture, appliances, tools, etc. It is three-dimensional.

Graphic design

It specializes in printing processes, illustration, editorial and gives great importance to the communicative aspects of the forms that are visually perceived. It is constituted as an element of mediation between human beings and their culture and the environment. Seeks to satisfy the communicative need by the system are the means of graphic expression, reproduction and transmission such as video, film, etc.

Textile design

It specializes in the specific techniques of weaving and processing of textiles and yarn fibers. Its basic steps are defining needs first, then the determination of a system and finally the use of suitable materials.

Architectural design

Is the graphic language using architecture to convey concepts through the representation of objects that allow you to provide enough information to build the plane of a project, for example, of a building? It specializes in serving the spaces set the stage for life. The needs that are looking to meet space usage, according to a way of life and for a given action, the system used was constructive and very different materials. It uses very technical graphics as facilities, electricity, etc. And an initial sketch to reflect the first project idea.

Urban design

Seeks to meet space requirements that are collective in nature, include the system of coexistence, politics, public administration, because the materials used are not only construction but also the financial resources, the laws and activity of society particularly in urban life. It is multidimensional.

Interior design

Seeks to build the world within structures where space and light follow geometric, mechanical or optical laws to carry out a natural order. This is accomplished by projecting a small scale, defining the environment. His work ranges from designing furniture, housewares, renovations, decorating shops, offices, to mount exhibitions, theater sets.

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