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13 Eyebrow-Raising Polling Booth Confessions

Here's what people using the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper have to say about the general election.

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1. The voter who intends to resist parental pressure.

2. The voter who is all, like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

3. The voter who senses trouble.

4. The voter who's looking out for number one.

5. The voter who is perhaps a little too trusting of what he/she reads on Facebook.

6. The voter who is having second thoughts.

7. The voter who waited until the last minute to decide.

8. The voter who really, really hates UKIP.

9. The voter who really, really hates the Conservatives.

10. The reluctant tactical voter.

11. The Scottish voter who is confused by his/her countrymen.

12. The voter who believes in Britain.

13. And the non-voter, who has run out of fucks to give.

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