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    17 Reasons Why Captain Jean-Luc Picard Was The Best

    Readers, engage.

    It's been rumoured that Sir Patrick Stewart may be reprising his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, so it's probably best to remember just some of the reasons why he's amazing and desperately need him to come back.

    1. He defended the shit out of Data in "The Measure of a Man".

    Was Picard having any of it when the Federation wanted to experiment on and clone Data? No, he was not. He showed how deeply he cared for his crew and it was beautiful.

    2. He was a true man of culture.

    3. He wasn't too proud to consult old friends for advice.

    4. His arrogance as a young man led him to being a strong and humble leader.

    In "Tapestry", Picard learnt that his arrogance as a young man and his consequent brush with death are what made him a risk-taker and a damn great Captain, which tells us to maybe not always play it safe because we may end up in a rut. Life advice from Picard!

    5. He looked after a group of kids when stuck in a turbolift.

    6. When he went full Die Hard and saved the ship on his own against marauders.

    Picard showing he's just as much of an action guy as he is cerebral? Check. Picard being badass? Check. Picard running around in a half opened silk shirt? Check.

    7. When he was brutally tortured by the Cardassians and still didn't break.

    8. LOCUTUS!!!

    9. He sought out family after he was rescued from the Borg.

    After the trauma of being assimilated by the Borg, Picard returns to France to see his brother and it highlights how important family really is, even if you're not that close.

    10. He made himself learn how to understand Dathon and the Tamarian language in "Darmok" when they had no other way to communicate.

    "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra", this pops up in my head way more than it should.

    11. Picard was a real romantic.

    12. And he experienced an entire second life in "The Inner Light".

    Picard lives an entire second life in this episode. Even though those events were just 25 minutes in reality, for him it was a lifetime of friendship, family and pain which Picard would forever remember and learn from and it was seriously beautiful episode. Stewart's favourite, in fact.

    13. He wasn't adverse to ~role-play~.

    14. His ability to prove humankind's worth to Q, and his final moments with his crew in "All Good Things".

    15. He was flawed at times but admitted he was wrong.

    In First Contact, Picard has a lil bitch fit when Lily (Played by queen Alfre Woodard) tells him how it is but soon realises she's in the right. He ultimately does the right thing. Again, we can all learn from him.

    16. That time he went completely against the Federation to save a planet in Insurrection .

    17. And finally, he gave us this.