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    Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    15 Reasons Why Nadine Coyle Should Be EVERYONE'S Idol

    The original Derry Girl.

    So, I'm sure you've all seen the "floyir" tweets going viral but if you haven't, have a look at the below and prepare to be blown away by Nadine's glorious Derry accent.

    How do you pronounce flour?! Nadine has the answer...

    Eight years later and this beautiful gem has been unearthed.

    It's inspired some pretty amazing tunes.

    Workin with fluyoor, she makes a no too bad sample btw

    Please can we get an official version??

    1. But Nadine has a long history of being fabulous. Let's start with the passport drama on Popstars Ireland.

    Happy Nadine's Passport Day! ☘️... or St. Patrick's Day if you prefer ☘️✌️

    The legal age for entering the show was 18 and everything was going swimmingly (She'd made the band!) until Nadine gave her actual D.O.B.

    15th of the 6th, ‘85 making me a Gemini 🎂 #HappyBdayNadine #nadinecoyle

    Nadine had been 16 the whole time.

    She couldn't "find" her passport (It was in Derry, busy stating her true D.O.B).

    RTE One / Via

    "Aye, just post it?"

    And so she had to leave...

    RTE One / Via

    I'm emotional.

    2. But don't worry, we all know that she went on to join one of the most ICONIC British bands of all time: Girls Aloud.

    Polydor / Via

    The best pose to get someone's attention, trust me.

    3. And that spawned some iconic Nadine moments too...

    Polydor / Via


    4. Like when she confused us all with this Northern Irish advert:

    This remains Nadine Coyle's all-time greatest work

    "Morris Jay survived 105.8 hours in the shop window of Debenhams, Castle Court for the Northern Ireland Hospice. Tune into U105.8." I'm happy to translate Nadine-isms all day for anyone.

    5. Or like when in 2012 Nadine was shocked that it had been a whole decade since the start of Girls Aloud.

    BBC / Via

    "10 YEARS!!"

    6. And when she didn't give a fuck about the haters.

    Viva / Via

    Same, tbh.

    7. Even when Girls Aloud demised, Nadine didn’t stop being iconic as a solo artist - she had an infamous exclusivity deal with Tesco which she does not regret!

    Tesco, I stay loyal. ☀️RT @emmsilicious: @NadineCoyleNow where are they from????

    Nadine supported her supermarket and we supported her (We still do!).

    8. And her solo career is still going. Her recent track Go to Work is a seriously underrated tune.

    Virgin EMI Records / Via

    "Do your 9-5!"

    9. But that doesn't mean she hasn't found time to be super supportive of her former bandmates.

    SARAH IS IN BB. She is such a gentle sweet soul at heart!!! I am so nervous for her but hoping she has a wonderful time!! 💝💕💃🎈

    I want a Nadine to support me.

    10. And amongst everything else, she’s also found time to be candid about juggling her career with motherhood’

    Virgin EMI Records/Bounce Magazine / Via


    11. She also knows the optimum temperature to get that tan.

    12. Nadine's also totally aware of the love around her accent.

    For your consideration. Here’s Nadine Coyle doing a variety of accents. You’re welcome.

    Self-awareness has never looked better.

    13. But sometimes, she doesn't quite 'get' it and she doesn't hold back (And I'm so grateful for it).

    What is this flour craic all about you mad edjits?

    I am an edjit, it's true.

    14. Nadine loves the memes she inspires.

    Embrace the past, that's what Nadine teaches.


    Black Pen / Via


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