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Our Loss

Brief Narrative of the Horror of 2016

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In 2016, our nation and our world experienced one of the greatest losses of our time. Our democracy, flawed as it had been, based on a representative system and unjustly elected in and indirect way, but which thanks to the diversity from which it was germinated, had served us adequately for so long to the point of becoming a beacon of guiding light for so many, haplessly turned into one the likes of those only befitting the political systems of a third world country. During this year we lost Our Decency.

Fueled by the winds of our despair, by our futility against a ruling class which continues to ask more and more from us in exchange for less and less, our system was now coerced into an aberration. A great number of our people, but not the majority of them, chose to follow down the path of decay, belittlement, and transgression, in a whole hearted effort to stand against this very same oppressive class. During this year We lost Our Respect.

The core teaching of all our world religions, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other, our love for one another, became one more casualty of an ironically divisive religious dogmatism, and was also in Our Loss. In God We Trust had been our calling for a 'secular' God. One that does not distinguish who or where, but only Why. According to them, God now stands on their side and not on Ours. During this year We lost Our Faith.

They came in fine and glittery costumes, masterfully trained in the art of redirection. To divide and conquer was their maxim. They attacked our system of free press, they blocked our freedom of speech at gatherings, and they re-conjured up the ghosts of our most obscure pasts. All of this We allowed them to do in the name of their god and of our desperation. During this year We lost Our Way.

Our people, our brothers and sisters chose them because of their promises, their carefully crafted message fitting of our times, full of flamboyance, but empty of content, fitting of the times of Hollywood and the times of the internet. Our nation, land which had been The sought out destination of so many for so long, which from the birth of our republic had come from so many places and from so many situations in search of hope and The promise of a new beginning, was engulfed in a turmoil of false hopes turned in by fear mongering.

We the People traded our Decency, Respect, Faith, and Soul, for the offer of a quick buck, pledged by the land and the factory owners which for a second time in one generation perpetuate their power based on a technicality. A curious technicality created by a handful of their ancestors, the quintessential ruling class. And, We the People have to share in Our Loss.

Without us however, they would have to do their own work, buy their own products, and stomach their own lies. Without us they would have to fight their own wars, be their own servants, and even drink their own fuel. We create what they consume, Our Labor, and by this creation we hold the only real currency, and thus our power. We must not let go of our power. With our power we can change the world, with theirs they can only rule it, IF WE LET THEM.

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