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"Stranger Things" Is A Dream Series For Everyone Who Grew Up In The '80s

Netflix's new creation is an incredible tribute to the greatest decade of them all: the 1980s.

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2. And it's full of references from the eighties and nineties.

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From obvious things like the cultural touchstones that get mentioned in the series (Poltergeist! Dungeons and Dragons!) to more subtle ones, like the similarities of the score with those of John Carpenter movies, or scenes that are clearly influences visually by movies of the time like AlienĀ³.

3. Speaking of the score... Wow the score!

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Synths dripping with dread, discordant choirs, pouding bells... all serve to create the perfect atmosphere for suspense and mystery.

4. The same goes for the soundtrack.


A mix of songs that place you perfectly in that era which also fit perfectly in every scene. You know you always wanted to watch a love scene with "Africa" from Toto playing over it.


5. The plot is in no hurry.


The advantage of creating a series with eight "chapters" instead of a feature-length movie is that the story can take its time developing. There is no hurry to get anywhere, so there's plenty of mystery and character development.

7. It won't take over your life. (Well, it will, but it doesn't take too long to get through, at least.)


It only has eight episodes that last between 45 minutes and an hour. So if you have a hard getting through a show with 23 hour-long episodes every season, Stranger Things should be a little more digestible for you.

8. Winona? More like, WIN-ona.


Back in the '80s and '90s, Winona Rider was in everything, but over the last few years, there's been a lot less of her on our movie and TV screens. Stranger Things definitely feels like a comeback for her though. It's a return to form for the Winona of the '80s and '90s we remember so fondly.


9. You'll fall in love with every single character.


Character development is hard, and most shows don't get it right. But Stranger Things is full of rich multidimensional characters you'll love. From the group of friends that are equal parts nerdy and adorable, to the neurotic mom, to the tormented cop and even the typical teenage couple. They all have something different to offer.

12. But wait! There's more! It's even an incredible mystery story.


The first episode will fill you with questions that will get you hooked with the series, and before you know it you will be coming up with your own theories about why everything is happening.


13. But it's still totally accessible. It's the type of things you daydreamed of as a kid.


It's the type of thing you always thought you and your friends could solve on your own as a kid, without the help of any parents or authorities. It feels like a modern version of The Goonies or Stand by Me.

14. And that's why it is unlike anything happening on television right now.


There are a million different police procedurals on TV these days, each of them tracking mysteries from the point of view of detectives and cops. In Stranger Things we see how everything develops from different perspectives, but key among them is a group of young boys. It's exactly like the classic Spielberg movies we all grew up with.