20 Annoying Things That Pregnant Women Have To Deal With

These pregnancy bummers are guaranteed to make any expectant mom fly into a rage or burst into hysterical crying. Or both.

1. “You Must Be Due Any Day Now!”

In fact, let’s not make any assumptions that the lady is expecting at all, okay?

2. “Funny” Maternity Clothes

Is this thing on?

3. Jokes About “Pickles and Ice Cream”

You’ll have something to say about that as soon as you finish your chocolate-covered onions!

4. Jokes About “Eating For Two”

“Hahaha,” said no one ever, in response to an “eating for two” comment.

5. The Sight Of Your Partner Peacefully Sleeping At Night

When you’re still tossing and turning at 3 A.M., the only way to relax is to imagine a violent smothering with your body pillow.

6. When Your Partner Asks, “How Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Lousy! That’s how you slept! Lousy!

7. Being Told, “Well, Better Get Used To Not Sleeping”

(Enough said.)

8. Post-Baby Body Media Hype

Because your post-pregnancy wellness has everything to do with Snooki wearing an animal-print bikini.

9. Being Told You’re Hormonal

Columbia Pictures / Via

Are you trying to tell me my emotions aren’t real?

10. Feeling Totally Hormonal

OK, if these emotions are real, everyone’s in trouble.

11. Creepy Pregnancy Products

You’re actually expected to… cut into this and eat it?

And you’re supposed to keep this… where?

12. Men Who Have Sympathetic Pregnancy Symptoms

Your pregnancy is an excuse for him to be tired, wear a robe all the time, and eat junk food. Meanwhile, you’re doing pre-natal yoga and eating quinoa flour pancakes.

13. Shoes That Seem To Have Shrunk Overnight

Your cute-as-can-be LAMB shoes that cost an entire paycheck will probably never fit again.

And Here Are Your New Shoes!

There are also the orthopedic sandals with socks that you save for special occasions.

14. Concerned Strangers

In between doctor’s visits, there’s no shortage of people who are concerned that your handbag is too heavy for you to carry.

15. Creepy Strangers

Need I say more?

16. Hearing Other People’s Scary Birth Stories

ArieScope Pictures / Dark Eye Entertainment / Leomax Entertainment / Minds Eye Entertainment / Via

Quick, time to schedule that C-Section!

17. Being Asked “Are You STILL Pregnant?”

Summit / Lionsgate / Via

Yes. Still.

18. Old-Fashioned Advice About Inducing Labor

NBC / Via

Castor Oil… foot massages… What is this, the Dark Ages?

(Also The Fact That None of Those Things Work)

Netflix / Via

The only thing you netted from the castor oil was a bout of diarrhea. :-(

19. The Realization That Lamaze is a Sham

Breathing through the pain? Using pictures of your cat as a focal point? And you paid for those classes?

20. The Unexplainable Urge To Do It All Over Again

Summit / Lionsgate / Via

Incredibly, something that made you miserable has now made you happier than you’ve ever been.

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