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    20 Annoying Things That Pregnant Women Have To Deal With

    These pregnancy bummers are guaranteed to make any expectant mom fly into a rage or burst into hysterical crying. Or both.

    1. "You Must Be Due Any Day Now!"

    2. "Funny" Maternity Clothes

    3. Jokes About "Pickles and Ice Cream"

    4. Jokes About "Eating For Two"

    5. The Sight Of Your Partner Peacefully Sleeping At Night

    6. When Your Partner Asks, "How Did You Sleep Last Night?"

    7. Being Told, "Well, Better Get Used To Not Sleeping"

    8. Post-Baby Body Media Hype

    9. Being Told You're Hormonal

    10. Feeling Totally Hormonal

    11. Creepy Pregnancy Products

    12. Men Who Have Sympathetic Pregnancy Symptoms

    13. Shoes That Seem To Have Shrunk Overnight

    And Here Are Your New Shoes!

    14. Concerned Strangers

    15. Creepy Strangers

    16. Hearing Other People's Scary Birth Stories

    17. Being Asked "Are You STILL Pregnant?"

    18. Old-Fashioned Advice About Inducing Labor

    (Also The Fact That None of Those Things Work)

    19. The Realization That Lamaze is a Sham

    20. The Unexplainable Urge To Do It All Over Again