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The 20 Most Annoying Things About Being A Park Slope Parent

1% of Park Slope parents seem to have it all. The other 99% are seriously pondering a move to Kensington after another crappy co-op shift.

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11. The Cost of Those Must-Have Art and Music Classes

But Music Together is well worth it if you can get into a class with a hot teacher who seems to sing the "Hello" song directly into your eyes.

12. Moms Who Say Their Kids Don't Watch TV

So they make dinner, straighten up, catch up on emails... all without Super Why? Uh-huh. Sure. Let's just say someone's got an iPad stashed somewhere.


Now there's a website, the Main List, a Classifieds group, a Career Networking group, it's "gently moderated"... And if one more of your posts gets rejected, you're going to bludgeon yourself to death with your (barely used) breast pump, $25 OBO, pickup North Slope.


17. Political Correctness on a Previously Unforeseen Level

Do you think this is a boys' hat? Are you sure? Why, because it's blue?

It must be sad for you and your family, living a life based on labels and stereotypes.

Park Slope scoffs at you.

And superheroes.

Parents have been advised that superhero costumes are out; real heroes like firefighters are in. So the baby in the Spiderman costume? So not welcome at the Halloween Parade this year.

20. Your Inability To Leave

Leafy green streets... other peoples' brownstones... those great schools... In spite of everything, this is your neighborhood, and you're staying! (Until you get priced out.)


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