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10 Self-Care Items To Take The Edge Off A Long Day

For when re-watching Parks and Rec and drinking some hot chocolate just isn't enough

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1. A mermaid blanket for every mermaid/merman/merperson to snuggle up in

2. Pretty nail polish to paint away your troubles

3. This Lush bubble bar, fittingly named the Comforter, to help you wash the day away

4. Some chamomile tea to quiet your thoughts and send you to sleep

5. And if the tea doesn't work, Baileys to drink in your bath/under your mermaid blanket (maybe do this after the nails...)

6. And Grace and Frankie, there's nothing like binge-watching Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin designing a vibrator to cheer you up

7. Penguin slippers to keep your feet lovely and warm, and the biggest perk of all? You'll also have two penguins buddies to chat to


8. Pyjamas that are out of this world (Get it? Because there are moons and stars on th-? Nevermind, whatever.) / Via$XXL$&wid=513&fit=constrain

9. Pizza (or your comfort food of choice) so you can eat your feelings

10. And last but not least, a good night's sleep; the human equivalent of turning something off then on again

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