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Ryan Gosling Got Adorably Creeped Out By A Reporter's Phone Case On The Red Carpet

Hey Girl, that phone case is weird AF

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Hey there! Have you been living under a rock? If not you've definitely heard a lot about La La Land

Summit Entertainment / Via Giphy

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were in London for the premiere this week, absolutely slaying it as per usual

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but whilst Ryan was doing interviews on the red carpet, he spotted a reporter's, let's face it, pretty incredible phone case

You're damn right my new phone case is Ryan Gosling giving a piggyback ride to a cat at Disneyland

and his reaction is PRICELESS

So Ryan Gosling just spotted my phone case of him giving a piggyback ride to a cat at Disneyland. He was as disturb…

At first he's pretty casual

and then he gets a little bit disturbed

Needless to say, he's creeped out AF

Ryan Gosling, a gift to us all!

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Giphy
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