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DIY Rainbow Projection

Make use out of your empty cereal box with this fun DIY!

DIY Rainbow Projection


Lucky Charms Cereal Box

Poster Board



X-Acto Knife




1. Grab your empty Lucky Charms box.

2. Lay box on white poster board or some thick paper and trace the outline of the box. 

3. Cut out the white poster board. Tape to the box. 

4. Cut one of the long sides of the box off.

5. Measure out two 2-by-3-inch rectangles. Cut out of the side piece.

6. Score on the 2-inch side about ½ inch up and fold. Repeat with other one. 

7. Tape these folded pieces to the white-covered box, leaving about ½ inch between the two, which is where the light will come through. 

8. Bring your box and a prism outside. (Even a small clear tube with water in it could work!) 

9. Angle your box with white side angled out facing away from the sun, allowing sun to come through the 2 cardboard pieces.

10. Put your prism below the light beam and watch rainbows project onto the box!