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What Does Your Favorite Lucky Charm Say About You?

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You, friend, love to take a walk on the wild side, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Everybody can see (and is obsessed with) your ability to take risks without second-guessing your gut. Sure, some people might say you're "too chatty" at times...but, like, it's your thing. Thanks for keeping us young, fun, and reminding everyone they're "lucky" (nailed it) to have you in their lives.

Everybody's hearts-a-flutter for your lively, amusing personality. Your friends admire your ability to encourage and strengthen your friend group. They also love that you have that good-good taste, always asking you where to go and what to do for a great time. All in all, your power to bring things to life is what makes the world go round! After all, you are the heart. Everyone needs one.

Feel free to roll your eyes to anyone who considers you "shy" or "quiet" because they just don't get it. Ain't nothing wrong with being cool, calm, and collected. And lucky you, it's easy for you to say "nope" to conflicts and other awkward situations. The best part of all? Everyone's blown away when "blue moons" start speaking. But are you really surprised? No, because you're awesome.

A STAR IS BORN! You're fiercely independent and creative. Always adding an element of compassion, your energy keeps others positive yet peaceful. You redefine what it means to march (well, strut is more like it) to the beat of your own drum. Keep doing you, boo! You remind people that it's perfectly OK to BE. YO. SELF!

OK, everybody — the go-getter is riding into town! As a natural-born leader, everyone admires your charisma and confidence. You're fully aware that time is of the essence, so you won't settle for a conformist lifestyle. The sky's the limit, so nothing's stopping you. With that uncanny level of rationality, motivation, and willpower, everyone knows to sit back and watch greatness happen.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You're everyone's breath of fresh air; you have the remarkable ability to seek out the good in even the worst situations or people. While your harmony keeps others afloat, your principles and excellent problem-solving skills make the environment you're in genuine and transparent — aka "red balloons" handle every situation like a total boss.

You pride yourself on your abstract thinking and thinking outside the box (errr, glass?). As the strategizer in your friend group, you're always making sure everyone's Ts are crossed and Is are dotted. You make swift decisions based on time and logic, and everybody appreciates you for that!

Oh, look at chu, you colorful explorer of life! You love digging into the unknown, which is a characteristic not many have the courage for. Bravo! Your spirited curiosity gives you an aura of innocence and joy. Always remember: Curiosity never killed the cat, because it had nine lives. Duh!

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